At TIPS we believe that all students learn differently, so the learning experiences in Middle and High school are also designed to constantly be engaged and challenged.

In Grades 6 onwards we continue to build on the inquiry and transdisciplinary learning experienced in the Primary Years. The pace is a bit quicker, but the celebration of learning and exploration is present throughout. The buzz throughout the hallways, represents students learning and engagements. Throughout middle and high school we all strive to create opportunities for children to wonder and explore. We partner with parents and community members to provide a program that supports student growth socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

The aim of middle school, to provide a curriculum that is engaging, relevant, significant and challenging, is achieved through structured inquiry and the development of skills required for the lifelong learning.

Subjects Offered: 1. English, 2. Hindi/French, 3. Mathematics, 4. Physics, 5. Chemistry, 6. Biology, 7. Information & Communication Technology 8. Economics 9. Global Perspectives 10. Physical Education