With this progress monitor we can easily monitor progress and effectiveness of interventions conducted based on specific areas of concern. Concerns grouped under internalized problems, externalized problems, ADHD problems, Social withdrawal and adaptive skills. It gives multiple perspectives to track progress effectively

The SAIMO model ultimate goal is Inclusive Education. TIPS signature aspect of the Special School Wing is to support the SEN students to have a smooth transition into the mainstream.

Whilst Inclusive Education is aimed at developing self-esteem and confidence in the SEN students, it also is an opportunity for the regular stream students to develop compassion, acceptance and empathy.

Mutual respect and understanding grows when children of different abilities learn and play together. Meaningful relationships, friendship and bonding is forged. The SEN students develop confidence in interacting with the world around them.

TIPS ultimate goal is to support our SEN students to reach their optimum level of functioning in academics, social, personal and emotional areas. We aim to fulfil the dream of every SEN student and parent to help these children attain higher education qualification that is Board XII certification. This will give these students a few career options either in the professional category or in the vocational category.

The students can achieve this goal either through academic concessions offered in the CIE and the IB boards or by enrolling in the The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

NIOS provides a number of vocational, life enrichment and community oriented courses besides general and academic courses at Secondary and Senior Secondary level.