A child’s spark is where we begin

At TIPS the focus of education is to develop responsible global citizens and leaders through academic excellence and we are proud that our entire community including teachers, staff, parents, board members and friends of the school collaborate so effectively towards this goal. Our dynamic staff are internationally minded and recruited from around the globe. They are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. Our parents also play an important role in their child’s education and are valued for the commitment and support they provide. Since starting our journey in 2004, we are working towards preparing, independent and confident young adults who are driven to make a difference in the world.

Although academic achievement is our priority, it is only part of the picture as a vast array of extra-curricular activities including sport, art, drama, community service projects and various other clubs create a vibrant atmosphere and help students become responsible global citizens and leaders. Educating the “whole-child” is important to us and we believe that it’s a major factor for receiving continuous support from all the stakeholders.

Education today is the synonym of globalization. TIPS provides a world class international education and associating with International Baccalaureate, to achieve its purpose.

The academic system at TIPS follows the IB Primary Years Program (Pre Nursery to Grade 5), an inquiry based curriculum following the Kath-Murdoch inquiry cycle and Cambridge – IGCSE from Grade 6 to 10. TIPS Coimbatore is IBDP and PYP authorized School and is planning to offer the prestigious Diploma Program to its students from the academic year Jan, 2017.